PCB Design services 
                 SM Technologies design team consist of all B.E and M.Tech in microwave and VLSI graduates who are expertise in designing Multilayer PCB’s (24 layers).We have designed complex Rigid, Rigid-flex, Metal core boards of frequency range > 40 GHz with the maximum board size of 9X11 inch. Our team has hands on experience in PCB design tools, like Concept HDL-XL, Allegro PCB XL, Spectra Router XL, OrCAD-CIS, OrCAD PCB Designer & we can provide complete solutions from starting to the development of multilayer PCB design.

Our Expertise :

  • PCB Layout, Component on top/bottom sides. 
  • PCB Board Revision Engineering (impedance controlled, high speed PCBs). 
  • Software CAD-OrCAD PCB Designer, Cadence,
  • Allegro, Protel CAM-UCAM CAMs/w, GC-Prevue    Plus, Valor Trilogy 5000. 
  • Component Technologies SMT, DIP, combination. 
  • Board Technologies-Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal. 
  • PCB design upto 24 layers and more.
  • PCB fabrication materials FR4, FR406, Isola 370HR, Black FR4 are used. Customer’s   preferred material are also considered.
  • Schematics.
  • Gerber Verification.
  • Auto routing.

Tools we use:-

  • Cadence
    Concept HDL-XL 
    Allegro PCB XL 
    Spectra Router XL 
    OrCAD PCB Designer
  • Agilent’s ADS

Our PCB layout and PCB design services and capabilities include:

  • Single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer boards
  • Rigid and flexible circuits
  • Surface mount, through-hole, mixed technology
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Design for testability (DFT)