At SM Technologies, we offer a broad range of IC Layout solutions to the semiconductor industry. Our wealth of expertise in all areas of Physical Design – from RF to SOC – provides you with the edge your product needs to ensure a fast and reliable deployment.

           SM Technologies has a proven world-class RF physical design team with expertise across a broad spectrum of designs and processes, including RF CMOS. We offer our customers an outsourcing team that understands the issues and challenges associated with high frequency physical design. Decreasing geometries with increasing frequencies has a greater effect on silicon performance along with increasing the complexity of analog layout. Our analog physical design team ensures our customers receive the highest quality deliverables, on schedule.

           Founded by a team of RF, Analog and mixed signal layout professionals who bring more than 100 years of collective experience in the IC layout industry. We hold an exceptional ability to tackle complex design/layout challenges by means of state-of-the-art methodology solutions. We are passionate to follow the best methodology and make it absolutely transparent to customer at any point of time.

We have Layout Expertise in

  • pHEMT, CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS 
  • Noise reduction and isolation
  • Component matching
  • PLL
  • Bandgap Reference and LDO
  • Amplifiers
  • Library Cells
  • Layout for multiple foundry sourcing
  • Migration to new technology

Our RF and AMS (Analog Mixed Signal)
Design services include

  • Architecture planning
  • System level Modeling
  • Circuit design and simulations
  • Block and Full Chip Layout
  • Physical Verification
  • Parasitic Extraction
  • Post Layout Simulations
  • GDSII Release
  • Foundry interface